The proposed location for building the new heliport is at Jelbert Way, near to the site of the former heliport on Eastern Green.

Image: Aerial view of proposed Penzance Heliport site – Credit: Google Maps

Many sites across Cornwall have been considered for a replacement heliport. Penzance is deemed the most suitable site for many reasons, including excellent access by road and rail; established tourism offering; good infrastructure, and close proximity to the islands providing quick flight times, and affordable fares.

The businesses of Penzance will benefit from increased trade from users of the heliport who are likely to use local shops, restaurants and accommodation

Residents of the Isles of Scilly will benefit from easy access to facilities such as social and healthcare plus financial and professional services they require on the mainland.

The helicopter service will also create a number of jobs both during construction of the heliport and in the operational phase on both St Mary’s and Tresco, and in Penzance. It is expected Penzance Heliport will directly employ approximately 25 people.

The Jelbert Way site itself is also low level (only 15 feet above sea level) which has significant advantages for operations and there are no environmental designations or constraints.


How will the helicopter service operate?

The Penzance helicopter will service St Mary’s Airport and Tresco, offering another option for travel for those wishing to visit any of the islands. 

The helicopter flight paths have been carefully considered to avoid flying directly over any residential properties.

It is expected there will be a daily service operating year-round with a reduced service on Sundays. Journey time will be approximately 15 minutes from take-off to landing.

As with the former helicopter service, the number of flights per day will vary depending on the season; during the peak summer season there will be up to 17 return flights from Penzance Heliport per day between 07.30 and 19.30 with approximately one take-off at Penzance every 45 minutes.  During the off-peak season, there will be fewer flights.


Helicopter Model

Image: AW139 fifteen seater helicopter

The service will be operated using the AW139 15-seater helicopter.  This is the market-leading intermediate twin-engine helicopter and is considered the benchmark for safety, performance and reliability all over the world.  The AW139 is equipped with state of the art navigation systems. It has far superior performance levels and is faster and quieter compared with the previous S61 helicopters that used to service the route.