Why is a helicopter service needed?

Since the helicopter service stopped in 2012, we have received extensive enquiries asking for its reinstatement. The primary aim of the re-instated helicopter service is to grow overall visitor numbers to the islands by enhancing travel options and resilience. The new service will complement existing services to the Isles of Scilly, re-establishing a multi-modal, weather resilient transport system to serve the islands.

Will this bring visitors into Penzance?

Yes, this is great news for the west Cornwall tourist industry. An additional service such as this, which requires people to be in Penzance to catch the flight, will ultimately mean increased numbers and trade to the town, as well as the Isles of Scilly. This will also be a year-round service so will bring additional visitors to the area during winter months when the passenger ferry is out of operation.

Have you got planning consent yet?

The planning application was submitted to Cornwall Council in October 2016 and the Council has undertaken a formal consultation period. We are now awaiting confirmation of the date of the Stretegic Planning Committee meeting at which the application will be determined. We anticipate this will be early in 2017.

When will the helicopter service start?

If the planning application is successful the heliport will be built and a scheduled service will commence as soon as possible. The consortium is aiming for early 2018.

Will this project receive any public funding?

The project will be privately funded and will not rely on public funding.

Where will the helicopter serve?

The helicopter will serve all of the Isles of Scilly through St Mary’s airport and will also reinstate a direct link to Tresco.

Where can I find out more?

You can view the full planning application at the Cornwall Council website. If you have any specific queries you can contact us on info@penzanceheliport.co.uk

Why Penzance?

The consortium has assessed various other options, but Penzance is by far the best available site. There are several reasons for choosing Penzance. The site is in close proximity to the strategic road and rail networks and local amenities including accommodation, shops and services. The site’s close proximity to the islands lowers fuel costs, whilst the low level of the site has enormous benefits for weather resilience.

What will it cost?

We expect a return adult fare will cost in the region of £220 which will include an anticipated 20kg per person luggage allowance.