The primary aim of reinstating the service is to grow the overall visitor numbers to the islands by enhancing travel options for visitors, businesses and residents.


  1. Improve transport reliability and resilience in poor weather
  1. Provide easier transport for locals and visitors with limited mobility
  1. Enhance customer confidence and repair reputational damage which has reduced visitor numbers to the Isles of Scilly
  1. Grow overall passenger numbers to the islands by expanding the travel options, tourist season and regaining the winter market
  1. Grow income, trade and both permanent and seasonal employment opportunities in west Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly
  1. Assist with medical transfers to reduce reliance on the emergency services for routine transfers, whilst re-instating a weather-resilient west Cornwall refuelling facility for emergency helicopters
  1. Encourage private sector investment in the islands by improving infrastructure and access
  1. Re-establish a truly multi-modal, resilient and customer-focused transport system in cooperation with the fixed-wing plane and ferry provider