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Help make the Isles of Scilly helicopter project a reality by submitting your comments of support to Cornwall Council.

Since we submitted our amended planning application to Cornwall Council at the end of last week, we have been inundated with messages asking how you can help.

The best way for our supporters to help make the project a reality is by commenting on the planning application.

In the original planning meeting, one of the key considerations of the committee was the overwhelming public support for the project. We need to demonstrate the deep support for this project that exists now more than ever.

To make it easy to submit your comments we’ve included a simple guide below…

How do I submit a comment?

You can submit your comments in one of three ways:

I commented on the original application. Do I need to write again?

Yes please! If you were one of the 2,600+ people who commented on the original planning application, you will really make a difference if you submit additional comments. Your new comment will be displayed in addition to your old comment, and both will be taken into consideration by the planning committee.

What should I say?

It is entirely up to you what you write in your planning comments, but they should focus on legitimate planning considerations such as the need for the development, the design of the scheme, and why the chosen site is the most appropriate location for the heliport.

We would encourage you to take a look at some of the further information we have supplied to Cornwall Council. Many of the reports are highly technical documents, but some key, clear and concise reports include:

  • Our updated Socio-Economic Assessment on the need for the development, the social and economic impacts it will deliver, and an assessment of the relative merits of Penzance compared to other possible sites
  • letter from Sloane Helicopters detailing the benefits of Penzance for helicopter operations, including the site’s weather resilience compared to other possible locations
  • Our amended Planning Statement, which gives a good overview of the proposal and how it will benefit all five islands

Thank you for your ongoing support; your comments will make a difference.

The Penzance Heliport Team

29 thoughts on “Make Your Voice Heard

  1. Ian Smith Reply

    Get it done as quick as possible. Penwith council make it happen for once support penzance instead of trying to kill it !!

  2. Chris Boulton Reply

    Much better to have in penzance -near the station for people plus better to go in helicopter when weather bad. Better for people on the Isles of scilly to get to the mainline for shopping etc

  3. Doreen A Hopwood Reply

    Why on earth would any one from the IOS want to travel by bus or taxi from Lands end airport for well over an hour to tend to business or shop or visit a Dr or Dentist Solicitor etc when they can be in the centre of town in 8 to 10 minutes? The bus service is intermittent during the winter Fog often closes the airport at Lands end We want the new Heliport IN Penzance not miles and miles away the steamship company want the monopoly so they can make money NOT to benefit islanders or tourist’s get it built and up and running ASAP

  4. Eddie Reply

    Hope all go’s well, just what Penzance and the Isles of silly need, in fact all of the South West could benefit from this, the benefits would be Enormous

  5. Shirley Cary Reply

    Get on with it , anything that can be of help to us in the very south west we are so often ignored .
    Why councils think that everything stops at either Bristol or Plymouth .it really needs sorting out please go ahead with what the people want .

  6. Linda Thomas Reply

    We really need an alternative mode of transport. Not only is Lands End more prone to fog than Penzance but the bus ride to the airport for someone who suffers with travel sickness is enough to make you reach for the paper bag. The plane is affected by strong x-winds unlike the helicopter.

  7. John callow Reply

    Can only be good for all concerned even the moaners a fast service in more than needed for the locals as well as holiday makers I think that CCC should put its full support behind this … It looks to me that the objectors are in a noicey minority. As per usual.

  8. Elizabeth Firmin Reply

    It is VITAL that the helicopter returns & flies from PENZANCE. My 97-year-old father who lives on St Mary’s has GREAT DIFFICULTY getting into the small planes and there is a long windy journey from Land’s End airport to make hospital appointments in Truro or beyond. I myself now have to get to St Mary’s via train to PZ and it involves an expensive overnight stay there. I can do it in a day once the helicopter returns. Losing the helicopter has DEFINITELY lost a lot of older visitors to Scilly …

  9. Edna Wilson Reply

    Perfect location for heliport given the weather conditions in the area.
    I’m sure ‘The Cicilian’ does a great job but if you have a business meeting to attend or just hopping over to the Cily Iles for a day trip, it is far too slow.
    The helicopter service has been greatly missed and needs to be reinstated.
    Thank you.

  10. Caroline Threadgold Reply

    This service needs to be re-intoduced without delay. The Islands need this vital link to the mainland.

  11. James porter Reply

    Get the Choppers back !
    Absolute lifeline for the locals and visitors alike .

  12. Geurald Jeffery Reply

    I rember the previous heliport being built, thought it a bonus for PZ and the Islanders. I am all in favour of the new heliport and sincerely hope that it goes ahead.

  13. Judy Poole Reply

    The beautiful Isles of Scilly deserve to have better services. I wholly support the application.

  14. Sue Newton Reply

    Really hope this will go ahead. So many people will benefit greatly by having the helicopter service back. I am supporting this 100%

  15. Paul Nicholas Reply

    It’s a must, Penzance and the Islands need this service and the advantages to Penzance and the Isles of Scilly as well as Cornwall are tremendous. I fully support the Penzance Helicopters application to open a Heliport in Penzance and reinstate the the Helicopter service.

  16. Pauline Gwennap Reply

    It’s vital for Penzance and the people on the island. The service was brilliant and is greatly missed.

  17. Nigel Clackworthy Reply

    Should never have got rid of the helicopter in the first place we didn’t need another out of town supermarket bring back the helicopter now I say or is the steamship company of completion we and the ios need it back now

  18. Margaret Lawrey Reply

    I think this will benefit lots of people far and wide. You have my full support, the old heliport should never have been scrapped!!!!!!!!

  19. Christopher Kersley Reply

    This is a vital speedy ,safety link for the islanders, and should be in service as soon as possible. Not withstanding the benefits a speedy service linking both St Marys and Tresco would bring to the many older visitors that cannot now get to the scillys.

  20. Nadine Reply

    Bring back the heliport we need to stop Penzance from dying it will bring in more jobs people will stay over in Penzance for the night or two we need it

  21. Nigel H. Reply

    Nigel H. A No brainer! Penzance needs this service as much as the IOS . Near to the old site, why the delay? Get it built soon as possible.

  22. Mr v.f. Hope Reply

    Missed so much by so many this vital service has been missing to long bring back our heliport, steamship co so greedy our heliport was here for a long time let’s hope the powers to be see through your greed !!!!!!

  23. Kevin Lane Reply

    The heliport will bring more to the communites of Cornwall and IOS. More visitors more jobs ultimately more income. Please support this application.

  24. Russ Reply

    The need for a helicopter to Scilly was demonstrated over 35 years with the previous service.
    The Isles of Scilly Steamship Company should not have the monopoly of a limited transport link to and from the Islands, and the recent actions of the company was totally unacceptable.
    The new Helicopter link will provide a choice for islanders and visitors alike, and will provide a more resilient service throughout the year.
    The sooner the new Helicopter Service is up and running the better for Scilly and Penzance.

  25. Judith Wiltshire Reply

    2 years ago we visited Scilly. First flight from Exeter was cancelled. Very little help from Exeter airport, just told to find some accommodation and return to the airport at 6am. Instead I rebooked on a flight from Lands End next day. We found some accommodation half way to Lands end but next day when we arrived the flight was cancelled! We were told there was accommodation nearby. Not at all what we were expecting. My husband was told it was a surfers’ lodge!!! Next day on the boat 2 of us were extremely. I have now vowed never to go to the Islands again until we can go on a helicopter from Penzance. You have all my support and the support of 2 more adults and 2 children who feel exactly the same way. We are never going to risk having to go on that boat again.

  26. Pamela Coldwell Reply

    This service is a must Penzance being the one and only departure area for the helicopter, Lands’End has always be a no go area. The flights from Lands’ End have always and always will be an enormous problem the sooner this development/service happens the better, please no more procrastination, this service is desperately needed.

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