Onwards Flying to the Isles of Scilly

Utilise Penzance Heliport for fuel and a break before continuing your journey
Useful Information
  • Lands End ATC – 01736 788944
  • Lands End Tower – 120.255 MHz
  • LND VOR/DME – 114.2 Mhz
  • St. Mary’s ATC – 01720 422677
  • St. Mary’s Approach – 124.875 MHz
  • STM NDB – 321Khz
  • Culdrose Radar – 134.050
  • Newquay Radar – 133.4
  • St.Ives – 7nm DME from LND VOR
ATSOCAS Available
  • Lands End – Basic
  • Scillies – Basic / Procedural
  • Culdrose – Basic / Traffic / Deconfliction
  • Newquay – Basic / Procedural / Traffic / Deconfliction

Transit to the Isles of Scilly


St Mary’s Airport is PPR by telephone or by submitting their online form. Please contact them for permission, weather and arrival procedures. They will likely ask you for the following information:

  • Callsign and Aircraft type
  • POB
  • ETA
  • DME / GPS equipped?
  • Your planned crossing level
  • How long are you staying

Please note that JET A1 is currently unavailable at St Mary’s Airport.

 The Lands End Transit Corridor (RMZ)

The responsibility of the Lands End Corridor is shared between Lands End ATC and St Mary’s ATC.

The corridor has an upper limit of 4000m, and if transit to the Isles is above this, Newquay or Culdrose could be where you’re transferred to for radar service.

There is both a commercial, scheduled fixed wing service (Lands End) and rotary wing service (Penzance) who are frequent users of the corridor – they operate between 500ft – 3500ft above mean sea level.

Transfer points between Lands End ATC and St Mary’s ATC are as follows:

  • VOR/DME – 10DME from the LND VOR/DME
  • GPS – 18NM from St Mary’s

When entering from the East, the boundary is drawn between St Ives and Penzance

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